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Frequently Asked Questions

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Celebrate Recovery is for anyone struggling with life. If you have ever had a hurt, if you have ever had a hang-up in life, or perhaps you have struggled with an addiction, then this ministry is for you. We all share one thing in common: hurt.

Not at all. It’s actually a place for discipleship and for people who want to live healthier lives where they can be more honest with themselves and others. At CR we work on any hurt, habit or hang-up you have.

Not at all. Only a third of the people who attend CR are there for drug or alcohol issues. Others attend for any number of other reasons; anxiety, relationship issues, food issues, family of origin issues, court ordered reasons, etc…

Celebrate Recovery is a faith based program. We incorporate biblical values into our healing process. In addition, CR isn’t issue specific (only alcohol or narcotics). Instead, Celebrate Recovery is for any hurt, habit or hang-up.

We don’t believe there are any wrong reasons to attend Celebrate Recovery, so fear about job security, finances and employment are great reasons to come and find a safe place to process and get support for the hard circumstances life gives us.

Celebrate Recovery provides a support group where you can process the hurts, habits and hang-ups of life. We encourage and support church and community involvement for all who attend, but we recognize that sometimes those other spaces don’t intentionally give you time to talk about the hard stuff. We do.

We hang out, encourage each other and share life in community. We have a meal, a service, small groups and a time for fellowship. Outside of our weekly meetings, we have step study groups and regular events in the community.

Celebrate Recovery is one of the most loving environments you will be a part of. Everyone here is on the same road as you are, and though your issues may be differing in some ways we all are seeking truth in the same way. This is a safe environment where you can take your mask off and be who you are. We want you to be comfortable, so come as you are.

The entry point for Celebrate Recovery is to come to an evening service. We'd love for you to join us for the meal beforehand too. We promise, it's not as intimidating as it seems. After the worship service we will ask you to attend Celebrate Recovery Orientation for your first small group meeting. This will give you a feel for what to expect in the small groups. All you have to do is show up and we will walk you through everything. Don't worry, you won't have to share anything you don't want to.

CR is a safe place for kids to heal and grow too! Workers in our kids' ministries have all passed background checks. Some smaller CRs have childcare that serves mostly as care during the adult programming, however many Celebrate Recovery programs have CR children’s material.

Celebration Place: designed for kids 0-5th grade.
Celebration Place is designed to inspire kids with hope, joy, and friendships while they learn to rely on God. Celebration Place is a 52-week complementary children’s resource to Celebrate Recovery. It's a place where kids can discover the same truths in age-appropriate ways!

The Landing: designed for kids 6th-12th grade.
The Landing is designed to provide students with leaders that safely walk alongside them and point them towards the healing and hope found in Jesus Christ - and to equip them with recovery tools that will help them deal with current and future issues. Our prayer for the kids isn’t too different from our adults - that students would learn that they are not alone and discover that freedom actually is possible and healing is tangible.

You do not have to be a member of any church or the host church to come to Celebrate Recovery. All are welcome, no matter who you are or where you are from.

Anonymity is a huge part of what makes Celebrate Recovery safe. Who you see here, stays here. So it isn’t uncommon to see people there you know. We ask that those who come follow the CR guidelines, especially the one that says “Anonymity and confidentiality are required.”

Celebrate Recovery provides a safe place for you to share what you need to when you are ready. You’ll never be asked to share if you don’t want to. We believe not only sharing your struggles, but also listening to the struggles of others, is what connects us to community, so we hope you will eventually feel comfortable enough to share your story with us. The majority of our sharing happens in a small group setting with other people who are going through similar circumstances.

While each component of Celebrate Recovery is important, you are not required to attend for the entire night. The meal time before the worship service and coffee/dessert after open share groups are great times to meet others and find accountability partners and sponsors. But, we know that each person’s situation is unique and simply ask you to attend what is applicable and convenient for you.

There is no cost to attend Celebrate Recovery meetings. Most CR meetings offer a meal, and donations are accepted for the meal. Free-will offerings are received during the large group time, but there is no obligation to give. Workbooks and other resources are utilized in the step study groups offered at other times outside of the main meetings and are available for purchase.

Chips are simple, round plastic tokens designed to give each person an opportunity to mark and celebrate their individual recovery. If you don’t have an addiction that can be marked by sobriety easily, then we suggest you mark your journey from the day you pick up the blue chip, which is the first chip marking surrender in your life.

There isn’t a consistent timeframe on healing. We are all in process. For some people, attending for a little while helps them feel supported and encouraged and ready to move forward. For others, attending consistently provides a place to get support along the way. Some people have been coming to Celebrate Recovery for years, some are just getting started. Your journey will be unique, but we'll be there with you for it.

A step study is a separate, gender-specific small group within Celebrate Recovery that meets weekly where participants answer journal questions about life’s hurts. During this process, participants will write an inventory, connect with a sponsor, and begin the process of forgiveness and making amends. Step studies are equally important to large group because they continue the work of self-examination and growth.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery group that deals with everything and anything you are struggling with.


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